Requiem Drive

Requiem Drive


Requiem Drive is powered by two vacuum tubes and special pre-amp circuit for additional gain when needed. This pedal offers great versatility and endless sound possibilities.

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Lorem, Doreum and Requiem. Three channel overdrive with vacuum tubes.

Here you have a unique chance to see first ever made three channel dual tube overdrive pedal with additional pre-amp gain circuit for extra power. Crafting Requiem drive came as a very natural consequence of exploring sound possibilities.

Lorem - first channel with slight overdrive, high bass boost and slight saturation of the sound is perfect for clean playing with a small edge to the tone.

Doreum - second channel with more overdrive, treble boost and high saturation creates classic blues overdrive sound for crisp solos and warm tones.

Requiem - combination of Lorem and Doreum with additional boost for truly full overdrive with high saturation and mid boost.

Requiem Drive is proudly hand crafted in Denmark

Main features

  • Analogue overdrive with two vacuum tubes from JJ Electronic

  • Three different channels to play though

  • Extra gain pre-amp circuit

  • Integrated LED light in foot switch

  • Warm and crips vintage tone

  • 12 V RC Input


  • Volume - adjusts the volume of individual channels

  • Tone - adjusts the tonal frequency of signal

  • Gain - adjusts the additional boost coming through the circuit

  • Bass - adjusts the low frequencies of the circuit

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