Pearl Diamond Boost

Pearl Diamond Boost


Powered by a vacuum tube, this pedal is all you are looking for in an overdrive pedal. Crisp, warm and saturated tone in a beautiful enclosure with pearl touch. This pedal will be the staple of your pedalboard.

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Dirty and clean at the same time. That's Pearl Diamond Boost

This combination of dirt/boost pedal is a simple dynamic overdrive and a clean boost, all analogue circle. Bottom position of “dirt” is truly vintage warm sound modifier, with great sustain and punch. Top position selects the clean booster that can go up to 18dB boost. This let's your guitar solos to cut through the whole stage, even when your sound man is doing terrible job!

Pearl Diamond Drive is proudly hand crafted in Denmark

Main features

  • All analogue dirt/boost circuit

  • Slight overdrive channel and clean boost channel

  • Position switch let's you chose between two channels

  • Integrated LED light in a foot switch

  • Boost channel with special no-tone-loss circuit


  • Volume - adjusts the volume of boost and dirt channels

  • Gain (boost channel) - adjust the gain of output signal

  • Tone (boost channel) - adjust the tone frequency of signal

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About Pearl Collection

Pearl Collection is a special selection of sophisticated design, rich tones and easy to use controls. There is only limited number of pedals sold. Once we sell 100 of each pedals, we will not produce Pearl Collection anymore. Be part of AM Audio Engineering and get the best pedal you ever owned.