Desert Rose Tremolo

Desert Rose Tremolo


Legends say that tremolo was the first guitar pedal ever made. We are focusing on tradition and that brings us tremolo from the old times.

Desert roses are surviving the test of time and so is our tremolo. With all the traditional, hand wired components, you can try what only people in old times could.

Our all-analog circuit produces great tremolo effect without losing any tone or flavour of your guitar. Come with true bypass too.

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Desert Rose always survives throughout times. And so does our tremolo!

We are able to bring you truly vintage sounding tremolo pedal with traditional components, wired in all analogue circuit. Tremolo pedals are the most iconic sound modulating sound effects, with very distinctive sound. In the early days of guitar sound experimentation, tremolo has became a staple of many music genres.

Desert Rose Tremolo is proudly hand crafted in Denmark

Main features

  • All analogue tremolo circuit

  • Precise build and calibration

  • Unique, sophisticated design

  • Integrated LED light in a switch


  • Volume - increases or decreases the volume of the signal passing

  • Cut-off - choses the time when the signal gets shortened or lengthened

  • Depth - determines the strength of the effect

  • Integrated LED light in a switch

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