Crimson Red Drive

Crimson Red Drive


Crimson Red Drive is a vacuum tube powered overdrive pedal, running on traditional analogue circuit, with modern aesthetic design. Five different contour controls let you create your desired tone.

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Warm and rich, that's Crimson Red Overdrive.

Crimson Red Drive is vacuum tube powered overdrive pedal. We have created special analogue circuit to replicate a vintage overdrive sound with aspects of tonality, modern player wants to achieve. Crimson Red Drive is outstanding overdrive pedal with it's richness of tone and warm tube sound.

We have recreated old tradition in a modern look and controls.

Crimson red drive is proudly hand crafted in denmark

Main features

  • Analogue overdrive circuit with vacuum tube from JJ Electronic

  • High range of tonal control

  • Extra gain pre-amp circuit

  • Integrated LED light in foot switch

  • Warm and crisp vintage overdrive tone

  • 12V RC Input


  • Volume - adjusts the volume of individual channels

  • Tone - adjusts the tonal frequency of signal

  • Gain - adjusts the additional boost

  • Bass - adjusts the low frequencies

  • Saturation - adjusts the sweep and treble frequencies

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