Borealis Boost

Borealis Boost


Borealis Boost is elegant, yet powerful effect that let's you increase the magnitude of your playing, without any tone loss. Borealis Boost is part of the Pearl Collection of 2018.

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One knob and one switchโ€ฆ That's all you ever need out of a boost!

We have made sure that using our Borealis Boost is simple yet effective. To get more space in crowded stage, Boost will increase volume of your guitar during solos, add richness to your tone or simply let's you compensate for loss of gain in long pedal chain. This pedal sounds great in every setup and you will hear why if you get one.

Borealis Boost is proudly hand crafted in Denmark

Main features

  • Advanced logarithmical boost circuit

  • Old style analogue circuit

  • Unique design

  • Integrated LED light in a foot switch

  • True bypass and 9V input


  • Volume - let's you add extra volume to your circuit

  • 3PDT Switch with integrated LED light (dimmed when OFF, lights up when ON)

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Pearl Collection is a special selection of sophisticated design, rich tones and easy to use controls. There is only limited number of pedals sold. Once we sell 100 of each pedals, we will not produce Pearl Collection anymore. Be part of AM Audio Engineering and get the best pedal you ever owned.