1969 Fuzz

1969 Fuzz


Powered by the highest quality germanium transistors, our 1969 Fuzz is capturing what has the most memorable year in our history given us.

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1969 in tones. That's all this pedal is about.

1969 was a year of Woodstock festival, โ€œOne small step for a man, one giant leap for a mankindโ€ and the last public Beatles performance. We want to commemorate all of these milestones by creating the sound of 1969 inside a pedal enclosure. 1969 Fuzz is characteristic by the thickness of tone, great range and subtle overdrive tone. Only the best components can create something outstanding. A truly flying sound.

1969 Fuzz is proudly hand crafted in Denmark

Main features

  • Analogue circuit with germanium transistors

  • Easy and responsive controls

  • Large selection of vintage fuzz tones

  • LED light integrated in a foot switch


  • Volume - adjusts the volume of output signal

  • Gain - adjusts the fuzz level and by changing gain

  • Tone - adjusts the high frequencies of the signal

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