AM audio engineering is creating custom made, hand wired guitar pedals for musicians of Great music taste

AM Audio Engineering started out of a pure passion for music. What started as a bedroom project is gaining strength to shake the music industry from the ground. Experimenting with analog circuits, vintage design and precise craftsmanship has brought to the world collection of 5 pedals.


AM Audio Engineering is based in Horsens, Denmark. Here we are hand wiring, designing and mounting all guitar pedals we produce. We are working only with the highest quality materials and components for our pedals. We are creating custom design and we are printing them on the pedals manually. This way, we can make sure that we give our customers only the best quality, they deserve. We are proud to offer life-time warranty on all pedals purchased thorugh our web store.


Analog circuits have a certain magic inside of them, that can't be described by words, We are certain that sound is much better at expressing our ideas, than any image or article. Have a listen to understand what gets so many musicians crazy about using hand made pedals. 


AM Audio Engineering was founded by Michael Mares and Alexander Sfetcu.