Borealis boost for free?

Would you like an extra pedal in your arsenal? Now you have a unique chance to get a free, hand made guitar pedal, with the first purchase you make through our web store. This is a one time deal and only applicable to first 50 customers. Hurry up and grab one for yourself!


Premium components

We have went all the way with this tiny loudness machine. All components are coming from Nova Technologies, one of the most premium suppliers in Asia. In this tiny box, you get a lively pedal that let's you control the gain of your boost. 

We recommend putting it straight after the guitar for best results!

Hand Build In Denmark

As all of our pedals, Borealis Boost is no exception. It's been hand wired with the maximum precision and put together wearing white gloves. Pedal is tested multiple times before it is shipped to it's new happy owner.

Now you have a chance to have this pedal for 0$. That's a one time deal! All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and you are in for a free Booster, with your next purchase. 

That's right, you have a chance to save 119€ and find out why boutique pedals are the highest quality.

What more to say?

You don't want to miss out on your chance to join the AM family. This addition to your pedalboard will be priceless (literally).

Every rock player needs one of these, for their juicy guitar solos or just simply getting everybody of of the studio. Crank it up and watch them explode!

Are you ready to experience the hand wired effects' sound? Believe us when we tell you, you have not heard anything like this before.

From 0dB to 110dB in one turn.


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